Frequently Asked Questions

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About HomeLend

Get to know our company history and our state licensing.

Loan Types and Products

A breakdown of all of the products and services we offer.

Our Process

Our unique digital mortgage process explained.

Pre-approval Letters

What goes into a pre-approval letter and what are its benefits.

Qualifying for a Loan

What we look for in your Credit Scores, Income, and Debt to qualify.

Rates and Locking

What goes into your mortgage rate and how to secure it.

Title and Settlement

Information about title and settlement services for your loan.


Costs associated with a home purchase loan.

Loan Costs

Costs and fees (or lack thereof) associated with a home loan.

Homeowners Insurance

Everything you need to know about homeowners insurance.

Closing and Post-Closing

What you need to know for the closing table and after.

Mortgage Terms

Common mortgagerelated terms you need to know.